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These are the latest KPMG publications which showcase some of this sector knowledge.  
China and Hong Kong Publications


Proposed Introduction of VAT for the Insurance Sector in China
Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities brought by the China motor insurance reform?
Generate value from Finance
Does your business need a check-up?
Making IT work to your advantage
Leveraging your customer data
Optimise your distribution channels
How to drive value through your target operating model
A Collision in the Motor Insurance Insurance
Securing a bright future - China's insurance sector and the evolution of bancassurance
Enterprise Risk Management for Insurers: China survey
Foreign insurers in China: Opportunity and risk
Asia Pacific Publications


Insurance regulatory change in Asia Pacific: Gathering pace
M&A trends in insurance - Developing the right footprint in Asia Pacific
Evolving Insurance Regulation - On the move: Asia Pacific Supplement
China and Asia Pacific Insurance Reporting - From Compliance to Communication
Global Publications


Evolving Insurance Regulation 2014
Insurance: IFRS 4 Phase II – revised exposure draft
the valued issuer
2013 Evolving Insurance Regulation: A new dawn
Leading Insights - Global Insurance Regulation
The architecture of integration: A guide to M&A in Financial Services
Economic Capital Modeling in the Insurance Industry
Creating Value from Opportunities in a Changing World
Intelligent Insurer:Creating value from opportunities in a changing world
Evolving insurance regulation: Time to get ahead
New world for insurance - Preparation and readiness for accounting change, an industry survey
The New World for Insurance - Progress report on Phase II
The Architecture of Integration: A Guide to M&A in Financial Services
The New World for Insurance - Business perspectives on Phase II
Evolving Insurance Regulation - On the move…
New on the Horizon: Insurance contracts
A glimmer of hope - Growth prospects in the global insurance industry and the escalation of risk and capital management
Frontiers in Finance - Insurance special edition
Insurance Insights 2007
Insurance accounting under IFRS

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