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About the application

About the programme 


About the programme

Do I need to do two internships for the KPMG Elite Programme?
It is not mandatory for you to do both internships during your year-3 and year-4 winter holiday. However, the KPMG Elite Programme is designed to assess you early on so that we can offer you a position with us after year 3. If you cannot join the first internship in year 3 from Jan to Mar/April, we suggest you attend the KPMG internship instead.


Is the KPMG Elite Programme open for all Audit, Tax and Advisory practices? Do we have an option of which practice we can work in?
We are currently only focusing on the Audit practice, but opportunities in other areas may be provided upon review.


How long is the engagement period?
The engagement period will last from Jan to Mar/Apr. During that period you will work with us on a full-time basis.


Will I be expected to work overtime in during the engagement season?
Yes, there may be a need to work overtime. Upon approval, overtime during engagement will be paid.


Will there be possibilities to work in other KPMG offices?
Yes, depending on the nature of the client you will be servicing, it is possible for you to be assigned to other cities or offices.


What are the opening locations?
Openings are available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


Will the KPMG Elite Programme replace other KPMG programmes, e.g. the KPMG Summer Internship?
The KPMG Summer Internship will remain open for pre-ultimate year students It is a 4–8 weeks internship starting from July to August.


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