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About the application

About the programme 

About the programme

Q: Do I need to do two internships for the KPMG Elite Programme?
A: It is not mandatory for you to do both internships during your year-3 and year-4 winter holiday. However, the KPMG Elite Programme is designed to assess you early on so that we can offer you a position with us after year 3. If you cannot join the first internship in year 3 from Jan to Mar/April, we suggest you attend the KPMG internship instead.

Q: Is the KPMG Elite Programme open for all Audit, Tax and Advisory practices? Do we have an option of which practice we can work in?
A: We are currently only focusing on the Audit practice, but opportunities in other areas may be provided upon review.

Q: How long is the engagement period?
A: The engagement period will last from Jan to Mar/Apr. During that period you will work with us on a full-time basis.

Q: Will I be expected to work overtime in during the engagement season?
A: Yes, there may be a need to work overtime. Upon approval, overtime during engagement will be paid.

Q: Will there be possibilities to work in other KPMG offices?
A: Yes, depending on the nature of the client you will be servicing, it is possible for you to be assigned to other cities or offices.

Q: What are the opening locations?
A: Openings are available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Q: Will the KPMG Elite Programme replace other KPMG programmes, e.g. the KPMG Summer Internship?
A: The KPMG Summer Internship will remain open for pre-ultimate year students It is a 4–8 weeks internship starting from July to August.


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