Global Green Initiative 

Global Green Initiative and our carbon footprint


In April 2008, KPMG announced a global climate change strategy and targets for reducing emissions. Since then, in conjunction with KPMG's Global Green Initiative, KPMG firms in 42 countries, which represent 85 percent of the total KPMG population, have committed to the global ambition of reducing our overall carbon footprint by 25 percent by 2010, from a 2007 baseline. At the end of June 2011, the 2010 results were analysed. The results showed a collective success, with a net emission reduction of 29 percent per full-time equivalent (FTE) and a 7 percent reduction in gross emissions.


At KPMG China, the 2010 carbon footprint assessment found that our overall greenhouse gas emissions totalled 15,295 metric tons of CO2-equivalent, while emissions per FTE totalled 1.92 metric tons of CO2-equivalent. Although our overall emissions rose by 1.2 percent compared with 2007, this was mainly due to the firm's growth and the increased number of employees. The good news is that we were still able to achieve an astounding emissions reduction of 19 percent per staff member compared with our 2007 baseline.


Global Green Initiative and our carbon footprint


In the coming five years, a new global ambition has been set. KPMG global will take a step towards further reducing its emissions per FTE by 15 percent by 2015 from the updated 2010 baseline. In order to achieve this new goal, the firm will use different pathways, such as monitoring and improving its building efficiency, adopting sustainable IT, further promoting responsible travel, and bringing in environmental management software to help forecast and analyse projects to reach the next target.


KPMG China living green


In order to further reduce KPMG China's and our people's carbon footprint in the office and at home, we have implemented policies on the firm's car and air travel, invested in green offices and IT facilities, shared best practice in the business, and raised our staff's awareness.


Every other Monday, an interesting fact or tip and/or eco-friendly idea addressing an environmental issue is sent out to all staff in the China firm in the form of the 'Green Monday' internal e-announcement. In addition, events and seminars related to topics such as climate change, environmental protection and sustainability are also organised to raise our people's awareness of these issues. Previous guest speakers have included Dr Rebecca Lee Lok Sze (founder, China Polar Museum Foundation), Robert Swan, OBE (founder, 2041) and Dr William Yu (head of Climate Programme, WWF Hong Kong).


We also support WWF's 'Earth Hour', a global campaign calling for climate change solutions and a commitment to combating global warming. As a corporate participant, all 13 China offices turned off their lights from 8:30–9:30pm on 26 March 2011. Last year, we also sponsored WWF China in a post-Earth Hour business engagement programme by producing a case study booklet. The booklet, 'Earth Hour - Climate and Responsibility: case studies of 2010 participating companies (PDF 3.61MB)', selects examples of leading enterprises that participated in 'Earth Hour', and that have a positive influence on industries and the public.



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KPMG announces global initiative to reduce carbon emissions by 25 percent


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