Knowledge of the current economic issues is the basis of every business decision. KPMG has compiled a selection of current and relevant business topics for you. Our intention is that the compilation acts as a daily catalyst for thought and discussion.

The latest private banking study conducted by KPMG and the HSG analyzes the major challenges faced by Swiss private banks.

Our magazine iCircle covers strategic advisement, actuarial matters, risk and operational considerations as well as legal and compliance issues relevant for Swiss insurance companies.

The study Clarity on Cyber Security shows how Swiss businesses currently protect their digital assets and which strategy provides the greatest possible protection against future threats.

KPMG’s latest publication “Clarity on Business Reporting” illustrates how a conceptual approach can improve corporate reporting.

Switzerland is a global leading location for international and regional business. The country serves as a gateway to Europe for all sizes of companies from basically every sector.

Providing a thorough overview of Swiss M&A activity in 2015, Clarity on Mergers & Acquisitions addresses all major industry sectors.

Current developments in the Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III.

The interactive map provides an overview of the current situation from a Swiss perspective.

Thorough overview of Swiss M&A activity in 2014.

KPMG's current "Clarity on Swiss Taxes" compares corporate and income tax rates in 130 countries and in all 26 Swiss cantons.

Your business doesn’t stop at borders and nor do your employees.

Clarity on Commodities Trading, explores the developments visible in various trading hubs, and takes a closer look into the industry’s trends and commodities trade flows.