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Partial Revision of the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA)

As a result of the CISA partial revision, the regulations with respect to asset management, safekeeping and distribution of the collective investment schemes should be amended in line with the new international standards.


The amount of headlines referring to the information about illegal actions in a company has increased. However, Whistleblowers find themselves in a gray area with regard to the law. Therefore, it is worth taking a glance at the current legislation.
On 1 July 2012, the revised Art. 8 UWG will enter into force. The new law considers general terms and conditions to be unfair, if they are against good faith and result in a material and unjustified disproportion of contractual rights and duties to the detriment of a consumer.

The Federal Council will propose an amendment of the Anti-trust Act to the parliament. The act provides the opportunity that a company can benefit from a penalty reduction in case of an anti-trust compliance program.

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Opportunities & Risks of Legal Changes

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