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Tax Management Consulting 

Businesses are facing an increasingly fast-moving environment and ever greater complexity in tax regulations. Developing and implementing a consistent, efficient approach to tax management is thus becoming more and more important. Our KPMG tax experts are on hand to provide the best possible support in this regard.

What’s it all about?


Taxes make up an important part of a company’s financial figures, meaning that they are also increasingly becoming of interest to the general public. For this reason, businesses need a well-organized tax department that works efficiently, ensures tax compliance and can calculate and report tax expenses correctly while at the same time creating transparency with regard to tax positions and risks. Only by doing all of this can companies respond quickly and flexibly to local changes to the law and standard practice, spot tax risks at an early stage and deal with them in the best way possible.


What challenges are involved?

  • Tax information must be precise and reliable if high-quality tax reporting is to be ensured.
  • Spotting and monitoring tax risks is becoming increasingly complicated as documentation requirements become more stringent.
  • Staff responsible for tax matters need to deal with new regulations and challenges on an ongoing basis.
  • Financial, information procurement and tax accounting systems must be used efficiently and in the best possible way in order to provide optimum support to tax and finance specialists.

How can KPMG help you?

KPMG’s Tax Accounting & Reporting experts are highly knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience in tax reporting (Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS, US GAAP). This enables us to help you:

  • optimize your tax processes and systems to obtain complete, transparent and reliable information on your tax affairs;
  • implement tax reporting systems;
  • relieve the burden on your tax and finance staff and improve your experts’ knowledge and skills, allowing your company’s resources to be utilized efficiently and in the best possible way;
  • increase trust in the reliability of your tax information and thus also in your financial reports.

What challenges are involved?

  • The tax authorities are conducting more frequent substantive audits on the tax positions reported by global companies.
  • Tougher regulatory requirements across the world are increasing the complexity involved in the oversight and monitoring of adherence to the compliance rules stipulated by tax law and other statutory provisions.
  • Global companies are placing greater importance on the efficient management of their tax risks coupled with effective and prompt support for their operational units.

How can KPMG help you?

KPMG’s Global Compliance Management Services will take care of all tax-related processes externally and will adhere to a uniform set of standards, something that is increasingly required in the sensitive area of Compliance. The focus is on the following core activities:

  • The timely and correct preparation and filing of tax returns anywhere in the world.
  • A central point of contact to coordinate all of KPMG’s global Compliance teams.
  • The ability to get an overview at any time of the current state of processing of the tax-related matters for all the group companies involved at home and abroad.

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Hartwig Hoffmann

Hartwig Hoffmann

Partner, Tax Management Consulting

+41 58 249 34 99