Money Laundering Act 

The Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) does not only apply to banks and securities dealers.

Other persons and types of companies may also qualify as financial intermedi-aries if they assume, transfer, or retain foreign assets or assist in any of these activities in a professional capacity. This includes attorneys, trustees, asset managers, hoteliers, dealers in raw materials, exchange offices and any other person or company primarily active in the financial sector.  Financial intermedi-aries must identify their contractual party and the economic beneficiary. They must also join a self-regulating body (SRO) or must apply to the Money Laun-dering Control Authority to obtain an operating license. Anyone operating without a license risks considerable penalties and significant damage to their reputation.

We assist our clients

  • in clarifying whether they are considered as financial intermediaries
  • in joining self-regulating bodies
  • in obtaining licenses
  • in developing the necessary risk protection measures under anti-money laundering laws
  • in creating policies and forms
  • in designing file structures
  • in training the employees concerned.


We can prepare you for external money laundering audits and we are also available as an external specialist for questions related to the Money Launder-ing Act.

Do you suspect that money laundering is taking place in your organization? Together with our white-collar crime specialists from Forensic, we can help you clarify the matter discretely.

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