Contract and Commercial Law 

Convincing contracts help you come to quicker agreements with your contract partners. Clear structures and formulations assist in the implementation of contracts and can help avoid disputes.

KPMG's Legal supports you in drawing up and negotiating contracts with your domestic and foreign partners. You will also benefit from our multidisciplinary capabilities and from KPMG's international network. Where necessary, for example, we are able to advise with regard to Tax Consequences or specific Audit requirements.

Our clients are national and international companies. Together with our tax advisers and auditors with professional experience, we develop strategic approaches in the following areas:

Distribution, supply and maintenance

  • Purchase contracts, delivery contracts, (exclusive) distribution contracts
  • Commission contracts, agency agreements, franchise agreements
  • Mandates, production agreements, service agreements, management agreements, lease agreements
  • General terms of business
  • License Agreements





  • Facility agreements
  • Security transactions such as debt assignments, pledge agreements, aircraft mortgages, ship bonds or escrow agreements
  •  Leasing contracts, general leasing conditions, leasing-based sales fi-nancing (e.g. "vendor leases" or "head lease/sub-leases")
  •  Factoring agreements


Employment Contracts And Regulations

Contracts In The Area Of Intellectual Property And Technology Law


Legal Real Estate 


  • Real estate purchase agreements, loan and pledge agreements (mortgages)

  • Rental agreements and management contracts

  • Advising of foreign investors in connection with possible limitations on acquisition (Lex Koller, Alternative Investment Options)


Legal support for outsourcing or Shared Service Centers in areas such as HR, IT, financing, research and development, or marketing

  • Contractual implementation of principal structures within your group
  • Contract reviews regarding conformity with statutory requirements, e.g. in the area of Competition Law, Data Protection  and Money laundering legislation (Legal Compliance)


Jörg A. Kilchmann

Jörg A. Kilchmann

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

+41 58 249 35 73

Giordano Rezzonico

Giordano Rezzonico

Partner, Head of Legal Western Switzerland

+41 58 249 38 06

Legal Real Estate

Teaser Real Estate
We assist you in developing and negotiating your real-estate contracts. We’ll determine whether a share deal or an asset deal is more advantageous for you.