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Global business today requires organizations to employ a mobile workforce and to be able to react quickly to market trends and international opportunities. Keeping up with changes in cross-border issues and ensuring a business' mobile employee population is cost effective, efficient and compliant can be a daunting prospect.

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KPMG have created a range of services, supported by leading edge technology, which can help our clients ensure that they can manage all aspects of their globally mobile employees effectively.


Global Mobility Advisory Services


We work closely with clients to develop up-to-date, customized and cost effective mobility programs, policies and practices to align with their company's strategy and priorities through the following services:


  • Creation, review or benchmarking of international mobility policies, manuals and guidelines
  • Advice and guidance with the relocation of employees attached to corporate or regional headquarters
  • Advice on international compensation methodologies
  • Establishment of global employment companies
  • International assignment administration process optimization
  • Administration of international assignment programs through our team of industry specialists


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Brad Maxwell

Brad Maxwell

Partner, International Executive Services

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