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Companies which are expanding to the United States or to Switzerland or are already doing business in both countries are continuously confronted with new challenges in a dynamic fiscal environment.

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We support you with an effective and profitable management of cross-border activities and transactions. KPMG’s Swiss-U.S. Tax Center combines long lasting experience with multi-national companies from a Swiss as well as an U.S. perspective together with first-class contacts in both countries.

Switzerland – an attractive location for American companies

Due to its excellent business environment and its competitive tax system, Switzerland is a leading destination for U.S. companies seeking for a base for fast and durable growth in Europe. Did you know that more than 700 North American companies are already present in Switzerland? You too can benefit from its stable political system, intense business relations with other countries and specialized industries with a high adding value.

Doing business in Switzerland calls for a large number of tax related decisions and administration tasks. With our long-time experience, a direct link to the authorities and our comprehensive, proven knowledge, we assist U.S. investors in all core areas on their way to Switzerland.

Are you a Swiss company with presence in the U.S. or plan on future investment there?

This means that the dynamic tax-related environment will repeatedly pose new challenges to you. It is our core competence to enable an effective and profitable structure for cross-border activities and transactions for you. With KPMG, you have a professional team on your side that knows the unique tax issues for foreign companies in the U.S. at first hand. Our Swiss and American tax advisors work closely together on a daily basis and take care that Swiss companies can develop their tax structures in the United States both legally and efficiently.


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If you wish to meet the Swiss-U.S. Tax Center’s qualified professionals personally on-site in Switzerland – perhaps even together with our American colleagues – do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to analyze your specific issues and needs, and support you hand in hand with professionals of the international KPMG network in upcoming decisions.


Sébastien Maury

Sébastien Maury

Director, International Corporate Tax

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Meet your U.S. Contacts in Switzerland

Fred R. Gander

Principal, Washington National Tax


David Merrick

Director, U.S. International Tax



Would you like to meet our U.S. colleagues when they are on-site in Switzerland?
Andre Guedel will be glad to set up a meeting according to their availability. 



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