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Although virtually every company pays value-added tax (VAT) it is perhaps the most individual type of tax. The basic system of VAT payments made by companies may appear relatively simple, but it bears significant risks and can have a negative impact on a company's finances that can be far-reaching, especially when the EU region is concerned (e.g. in the event of incorrect declarations or formal errors).

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Poor VAT management can place a burden on a company's finances and should be avoided at all costs. A well-structured VAT management system can have a positive effect, particularly because this kind of transaction tax applies to - and therefore can influence - virtually every part of a company.

The VAT team at KPMG has strategically repositioned this important excise tax - which should only apply to the consumer as the final link in the value adding chain of products and services - to give it the attention it deserves and better leverage its potential benefits.


Why you should place your trust in KPMG when it comes to VAT issues?
As VAT specialists we have the necessary and most recent VAT knowledge at our disposal. We are also in a position to define and exploit improvement potential quickly based on our extensive practical experience.


The VAT reforms are currently the focus of concern with regard to our clients: The new Swiss VAT Law has been into force since 1 January 2010. The first amendments to the law and the ordinance became effective as of 1 January 2011. The most significant change is thereby raise of the VAT rates to 8% (standard rate). Furthermore, our clients doing business globally are facing new regulations in the international environment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding these topics or any other VAT-related issues.


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Mathias Bopp

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Ivo Gut

Partner, Indirect Tax

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The New VAT Law

The New VAT Law

Information on the new Swiss VAT Law