Payroll Services and Salary Administration 

Payroll management in an increasingly globalized world.

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Management of social and income taxes has become a real challenge. More complex working arrangements combine with a need to comply with evolving domestic and international legislation, including the opening of the labor market for EU nationals.


Legal or regulatory changes to salary administration call for rapid and flexible handling. As requirements become increasingly complex, we can support you through an outsourcing arrangement tailored to your specific needs.


Up to date with latest legislation and best practices, our professionals can help you with any number of needs:


  • Monthly payroll processing and salary administration
  • Shadow payrolls and managing expatriates’ pay
  • Management of withholding tax
  • Annual overviews and salary certificates for tax purposes
  • Negotiations with tax authorities and drawing up expense rules
  • Concluding social insurance contracts and registering with authorities, registering / de-registering new and departing employees and annual declarations
  • Calculating and declaring benefits from employee stock purchase plans, etc
  • Employees working in Switzerland, employed by organizations not domiciled here (ANobAG)



Free up your resources by allowing our professionals to perform your salary administration, taking the burden off your shoulders.

David Oberson

David Oberson

Partner, Head of the Lausanne Market Region, Head of Business Outsourcing Services Switzerland

+41 58 249 37 92

Salary administration

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Salary administration requirements are becoming increasingly complex, with constant changes calling for rapid and flexible handling.