Assurance Services 

More than audit - more assurance through independent confirmation


As auditors, we are not only focused on figures, but also with assurance needs that result from them. We provide specific services that go far beyond financial statement audit.

In addition to the financial statement audit, shareholders, clients, suppliers, banks or public authorities increasingly demand independent confirmation on various questions. For decisions that have far-reaching consequences, an independent evaluation and confirmation might be crucial. Furthermore, non-financial parameters (such as energy consumption or the contribution made to the public) take on an increasing roll in a company's day-to-day operations.
As auditors, we maintain extensive experience in providing you with assurance and reducing complexity through independent confirmation. Handling, quantifying and evaluating challenging questions represents an integral part of our everyday business. The assurance needed depends on the concrete backgrounds and requirements, and it may vary between low, adequate and maximum assurance.

You benefit from our ability to utilize employees with the right skills for your own specific assurance needs. In order to provide you with the necessary assurance, we can also provide you with experienced workers in tax, transaction and restructuring issues, forensic, real-estate or sustainability as needed.

Examples of non-assurance

  • How do I guarantee the fulfillment of contract and the compliance with regulatory requirements?
  • Is there a risk of failure in communication concerning corporate ethics and sustainability?
  • Is the effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls sufficient? 
  • Do I have transparency in IT and data safety?
  • Are there uncertainties in specific questions regarding accounting and taxes?
  • Is the budgeting and finance planning process properly established?
  • Can I reduce a purchase price of a current transaction?

In which areas can we help you, and where can we provide you more assurance?

Assurance in accounting, business combination and tax-related questions:


  • We audit the opening balance sheet of the company you have purchased. You pay a lower purchase price and save CHF 1.2 million. 
  • We confirm the calculation of your license revenue. You generate an additional income of CHF 3 million annually.


Assurance in IT and data:
We assist you in your IT project. You obtain transparency and assurance over costs and fulfillment of deadlines.


Assurance for internal controls - including non financial controls:
We evaluate investment processes and the compliance with internal and external guidelines. You receive assurance and independent confirmation.


Assurance in budgeting and finance planning:
We evaluate the achievement of your restructuring objectives. You receive assurance and independent confirmation.


Assurance in fulfillment of contracts and regulatory questions:
We evaluate the compliance with contracts for maintenance work. You save follow-up costs of CHF 6 million.


Assurance in sustainability and ethics:We evaluate your reporting, for example, on the sustainable development of CO2 emissions. You receive assurance and minimize your reputations risk.

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Hanspeter Stocker

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Assurance Services

Assurance Services

Assurance Services - Greater assurance with independent confirmation


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