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The design of effective business models and the optimization of operational and organizational structures are fundamental to growth and efficiency.
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What is it all about?

The business environment is constantly changing and is doing so at an ever increasing pace. Successful financial service providers regularly scrutinize their strategic direction and the efficiency of their operational and organizational structures – they regard change as opportunity. Management is turning its attention to growth and efficiency initiatives, while at the same time closely aligning strategic and operational direction with new challenges.

What are your challenges?

  • You are looking for an impartial assessment of your company’s effectiveness as well as an identification of optimization possibilities.
  • You wish to optimize business related expenditures to increase contribution margins. 
  • You wish to align your Business Strategy to the process landscape and operating model.
  • You wish to optimize your operations to secure and gain a long term competitive advantage.

How can KPMG help you?

  • We measure and assess your company’s effectiveness and identify possible areas for improvement.
  • We analyze your process landscape and thereby facilitate the optimization of your value chain. 
  • We identify out-sourcing possibilities and work out the resulting benefits and disadvantages. 
  • We assist you in the design and implementation of next generation target operating models.

Marc Gössi

Marc Gössi

Partner, Financial Services

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