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"Remember your group’s reputation will be measured by tomorrow’s standards on what you are doing today."


KPMG offers practical risk based solutions that satisfy today’s standards and anticipate what is most likely to be expected of your group tomorrow.

We work in multi-disciplinary teams with lawyers, accountants, IT specialists and tax experts offering you the full range of KPMG’s geographic and sector experts helping you to interpreted laws & regulations so that your compliance will be accepted by the appropriate authorities.

We understand in times of limited resources that you do not want to spend excessively so we evaluate, design, monitor, re-evaluate, offer prevention strategies, mitigate and remediate your exposures all in an effective & efficient manner.

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Anne van Heerden

Anne van Heerden

Head of Advisory

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Economic Crime Study Switzerland, Germany, Austria

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This is an extensive study conducted by KPMG on economic crime in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


Face the changing regulatory environment and social expectations and address them with solutions that fit your company.