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Cloud computing is poised to fundamentally change company-specific IT architecture and IT organization, as well as the related roles in the coming years.
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What's it all about?

In simple terms, cloud computing services are an enhanced form of (out)sourcing. Customers subscribe to so-called "cloud services" such as servers, storage, platforms or specific applications. This makes it possible to use and pay IT resources as needed. The advantages are obvious: high flexibility at low costs. However, cloud computing also carries risks in the areas of data security, compliance and availability. Therefore, an integrated strategy for the use of cloud services is of central importance.

What are your challenges?

  • Which cloud services make sense for a particular company?
  • How does a company implement and network cloud services in order benefit from the advantages?
  • What risks must be considered and how can a company handle them?
  • Which specific legal aspects should be considered?

How can KPMG help you?

  • We help you develop and implement an appropriate cloud computing strategy.
  • We analyze your IT security risks and help you manage them.
  • We advise you in relation to data protection issues.
  • We test your cloud computing applications with respect to their compliance.

Ulrich Amberg

Ulrich Amberg

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