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Business valuation – an art or a science? Neither of the two! Business valuation or valuation of individual assets and liabilities is usually about market prices or the ability of the company to generate future cash flows. In practice, a number of widely accepted valuation methods and models have been developed, which can, if they are consistently and properly applied, help in answering the question about value and price in a transparent and decision oriented manner. There might be several occasions when valuations are required, such as business transactions (e.g. acquisitions, mergers or joint ventures) and restructurings as well as arbitration/litigation processes. Depending on your objectives, we could act as an advisor to help you find the right price and fair value or alternatively we could also act as an independent expert.

What are your challenges?

  • Determining the appropriate maximum and/or minimum price for an acquisition or divestiture
  • Assessing whether the offer price is fair and reasonable to ensure an informed decision on whether to accept or refuse a take-over offer
  • Valuations for dispute and litigation purposes
  • Support with legal, regulatory and tax related valuations
  • Acquisition accounting in accordance with IFRS/US GAAP and support on the subsequent impairment testing
  • Confirmation and verification of the valuation of illiquid investments (e.g. private equity)
  • Building scenarios and assessing strategic options for management purposes based on an integrated business plan

How can KPMG help you?

  • Estimate the appropriate price for an acquisition or divestiture
  • Provide expert opinions for different purposes (e.g. to determine the fair exchange ratio in a merger or to verify the value of contributions in kind)
  • Prepare a fairness opinion to assess the reasonableness of the price offered in a take-over
  • Provide litigation support and dispute resolution
  • Provide advice on all purchase price allocation (“PPA”) and impairment test related matters, which might include providing advice prior to the acquisition (pre-deal PPA) to help you in assessing the financial impact of the transaction and to lower the risk of a potential impairment
  • Prepare valuation of intangible assets and analyses of specific value drivers of brands, technologies or customer relationships
  • Prepare recurring valuations of illiquid investments in an efficient manner to support your communication with the investors
  • Set up  integrated financial models to assess the impact of strategic decisions and available options on the value of the company (Link Financial Modelling Services)

Johannes Post

Johannes Post

Partner, Head Valuation & Financial Modelling Services

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Cost of Capital Study

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It is our goal to present the current developments in the derivation of the cost of capital and to describe in what manner they reflect economic changes and expectations.