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Commodities Trading 

Trading commodities has been the foundation of human economic activity through the ages, fundamental for our survival as individuals and fundamental for the sustainability of our economic and social systems.

The sharply increasing demand from newly industrialized countries such as China and India and uncertainty as to whether the supply of commodities may be under threat due to changing weather conditions and the depletion of natural resources, has driven an awareness of the important role commodities play in many of today's challenges.


In responding to these challenges, trading companies are reinventing themselves to capture more of the value chain and operate more efficiently. They are also subject to greater regulatory pressure and scrutiny, increasing complexity and risk.

What are your challenges?

  • Do you report with credibility and clarity?
  • Could you enhance your reputation and trust with third parties through more transparency?
  • Do you capture financial information efficiently and effectively?
  • Can you slice and dice your financials to support unexpected future questions?
  • Is your corporate communications team prepared to deal with a crisis?

Our solutions


  • High quality external and assurance services
  • Assurance on compliance with laws and regulations
IFRS Advisory

  • IFRS conversion or implementation of new or amended IFRS standards
  • Accounting and reporting for complex transactions
Internal Audit and Compliance

  • Internal audit
  • Assess and improve the operating effectiveness of internal controls
  • Corporate governance advisory
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Advice on how to engage the marketplace on challenging subjects, such as sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

What are your challenges?

  • Are you equipped to enter new markets?
  • Do you have the right financing in place to support growth?
  • Can your organisation support the post-implementation challenges?
  • Are you managing your assets tightly from a cash flow/earnings standpoint during this period of low commodity prices?
  • Have you fully captured cost synergies from recent acquisitions?
  • Is IT fully leveraged and do you have effective IT controls in place?

Our solutions

IT Advisory

  • Information Technology
  • IT governance, Risk and compliance
  • CIO advisory
Transactions Services, Financial Modelling

Financial Management

  • Management, controlling and quality assurance of local and global projects
  • Restructuring of the finance function
  • Support in the area of change management and cost optimisation
  • Treasury and debt advisory

What are your challenges?

  • Is your group optimally organised from a commercial, tax and legal point of view?
  • Do you plan to acquire a structure in Switzerland or abroad?
  • Have you assessed the impact of the wave of new regulations?
  • Are you aware of the human rights controls applied by your suppliers?
  • Are you up to date on US regulations (e.g. FATCA, Conflict Minerals - Dodd Frank) and how they could impact your business?
  • How do you incorporate new, complex and sometimes conflicting tax requirements into your organisation?
  • Is your tax structure sustainable?
  • Are your subcontractors and counterparties applying the same standards as you?

Our solutions

Legal Services

  • Assistance with company formation, restructuring or relocation
  • Assistance with regulatory support and assessment at Swiss and international levels
VAT Advisory

  • International VAT advisory and planning services on new trade flows
  • Transactions mapping
  • Supply chain review and optimisation from a cash flow and administrative burden perspective
  • ERP implementation and review
  • VAT registration and ongoing VAT compliance services (international)
Trade & Customs

  • Utilisation of Free Trade agreements
  • Advisory on Trade & Customs processes and operations
Forensic, Risk & Compliance

  • Fraud, misconduct & corruption investigations
  • Ethics & Integrity services
  • Contract Compliance Review (for third parties, agents etc.)

Richard Sharman

Richard Sharman

Partner, Head of Commodities Trading

+44 20 73118228

Clarity on Commodities Trading: Transforming with agility

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Clarity on Commodities Trading, explores the developments visible in various trading hubs, and takes a closer look into the industry’s trends and commodities trade flows.

    Commodity trading companies - Meeting the challenge of tax and regulator change

    This report is aimed at helping energy and natural resources companies understand the substantial benefits and challenges involved in these complex operations.