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"A certification of your cost and activity accounting in accordance with REKOLE® is a  commitment to true quality.  By choosing KPMG as your auditor you get a reliable, professional and constructive partner for the auditing process.”


How can KPMG help?

H+ developed guidelines for a certification system for the cost and activity accounting of hospitals, which are in accordance with the cost accounting specifications of REKOLE® and shall certify the compliance of the correct implementation of REKOLE®. The goal is to confirm the reliability of the cost accounting data and to get the appropriate basis for an effective management tool.


KPMG supported H+  during the development of the certification guidelines and has audited  several institutions in the pilot phase. If you are interested in a certification please contact the KPMG REKOLE® auditing team. We are at your disposal for any question and can discuss the further procedure on the way to the REKOLE® certification.

Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog

Partner, Sector Head Healthcare, Head Audit non-profit organizations and public sector entities

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Cost accounting according to REKOLE®

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An overview regarding cost accounting according to REKOLE®.