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The convergence process is in full swing in the telecommunications and media sector. In light of the considerably different set of requirements triggered by the era of digitalization and Web 2.0, providers must now deliver multimedia products with added value for their customers.

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 What are your challenges?


  • Increasing regulation is limiting your room for maneuver
  • New ways need to be found to tap sources of digital revenues
  • Convergence is causing traditional business models to be questioned
  • Cost pressure is triggering organizational changes
  • New technologies are making it necessary to invest in the expansion of the fiber-optic network and new licenses
  • Price competition between providers is forcing consolidation within the sector


    How can KPMG help?


KPMG has a broad network of Audit, Tax and Advisory specialists to provide you competent support. Our service portfolio includes:


  • Planning and implementation of shared services
  • Process and system optimization
  • Transaction and merger support
  • Revenue assurance for telecommunications companies
  • Advisory services to address sector-specific accounting issues
  • Outsourcing of internal audit functions, ongoing development of internal control systems (ICS) and risk management, exposure and prevention of white-collar crime
  • Creation of a data protection management system
  • Clarification of the tax implications of digital services
  • Advisory services for tax-optimized international restructuring

Daniel Haas

Daniel Haas

Partner, Sectorhead Telecommunications & Media

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The Mobile Evolution

The Mobile Evolution
Mobile technology is radically transforming the world around us and the mobile evolution is moving at unprecedented speed. Clearly, many challenges still lie ahead and many questions remain to be answered.