Your benefits 

In addition to the wide-ranging opportunities for career progression and further training that an employment at KPMG brings along, you will enjoy many additional benefits.

You can discover what we offer all our employees on the ‘Why KPMG?’ pages. Additional benefits apply from managerial level (i.e. Assistant Manager) upward.


Paid annual leave

In addition to the 25 to30 days of vacation, you will be entitled to an additional four to six free days (management days) depending on your managerial level.



Not only do we require top performances from you, we are also happy to reward these. Assuming an appropriate level of performance is reached, management staff receive a bonus in addition to their annual salary. This depends on the business performance of the company in general and the employee’s business line in particular, as well as the employee’s own individual achievements.


Depending on the stage you are at in your life, you may also be interested in the following benefits:


Maternity and paternity leave

From the second year of service onward, mothers are paid their full salary for 16 weeks (80 percent of salary in the first year of service). It is also possible to take unpaid leave to extend the maternity leave period to up to six months. Fathers receive five days’ paternity leave and can request up to two months’ unpaid leave in the first year of their child’s life.


Pension provision

Our pension found offers you a high level of risk benefits and flexible saving plans. There is no co-ordination deduction – your entire salary is insured. In the case of incapacity or death, benefits that are well above the obligatory BVG mandatory level are paid out. With the opportunity to choose between three different saving plans, policyholders can speed up the savings process and make their additional premiums tax-deductible. As the employer, KPMG always pays the premium of the highest-possible saving plan, regardless of which saving plan the policyholder has opted for. The flexibility of our pension scheme, with its focus on opportunities for voluntary single premiums, semi-retirement, AHV (OASI) bridging pensions, and a lump-sum option for old age or death makes individual pension planning easier. Our advanced pension foundation is independent, has its own administrative office and applies no administration fees.


Exceptional career prospects, international assignments, continuous personal development, a values-based corporate culture and the opportunity to work together with some of the most innovative and successful businesses: what's important to you?
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