Tamer Demirsoy 

Interview with Tamer Demirsoy (former IT apprenticeship Zurich)

What do you particularly like about your apprenticeship at KPMG?

What I like about working in IT is the strong team spirit and the open atmosphere. Also, I am faced with new challenges every day. Only last week, I was able to help with a problem concerning a new device (iPad) when I was on the desk.


What was your best experience during your apprenticeship at KPMG so far?

A lot of new people have joined us here at KPMG over the last two months. I was able to play a vital role in helping to supply their equipment (e.g. laptops, network cables, mice, notebook cases). I particularly enjoyed the feeling of success that came with completing all my tasks within the very short deadline.


What are your favorite tasks in your daily job?

I enjoy working on the service desk, as it gives me the most client contact. For example, I issue colleagues with material that they have ordered or provide support with IT equipment problems.


What areas have you been able to develop during your apprenticeship so far?

To date, I have mostly been able to improve my organizational skills. Particularly in stressful situations, I have learned to prioritize different tasks correctly and distinguish between urgent and less urgent inquiries.


In which areas would you like to develop yourself further?

There are still many additional things that I would like to learn. IT technology is constantly evolving and you can never stop learning if you want to always be up to date with the latest developments. One area in which I would definitely like to improve my skills is in advising clients on the hotline.