Resmije Ramusa 

Interview with Resmije Ramusa (Commercial apprenticeship Neuchâtel, 3rd year)

Resmije Ramusa


What do you particularly like about your apprenticeship at KPMG?

What I like most about KPMG Neuchâtel is the friendly atmosphere. The fact that everyone uses the informal form of address on a first-name basis makes it easier to relate to colleagues.


What was your best experience during your apprenticeship at KPMG so far?

My best experience during my apprenticeship so far was when I took charge of the secretarial office because my supervisor was away. I had to handle requests from clients and my superiors all by myself, which also included reviewing an 18-slide PowerPoint presentation.


What are your favorite tasks in your daily job? 

I work for the Audit department. My work consists of reviewing clients’ reports, welcoming people at reception, ordering office materials, invoicing, updating the CRM and MDS databases, and organizing trips and marketing events.


I value the fact that my daily work is so varied.


Which goals did you set yourself for your apprenticeship?

The main goal I have set myself is to gain my CFC (Federal diploma of professional training) as well as deepening my knowledge in the commercial field. It’s a complex field and I’m learning new things every day.


In which areas would you like to develop yourself further?

I would like to progress in marketing, as this allows me to have a lot of contact with customers and, when I organize an event from start to finish, I enjoy getting positive feedback and the relief when everything has gone smoothly.