Carmen Delcò 

Interview with Carmen Delcò (former commercial apprenticeship Zurich)

Carmen Delco


How was your first day at KPMG?

I was given a warm welcome by my apprenticeship supervisor. She introduced me to my department and my team and showed me around the premises, before gradually introducing me to the work. Although everything was new and complicated, I felt very much at ease from the moment I arrived. By the evening, although I was exhausted by all the new information and impressions, I already knew I was going to enjoy my apprenticeship.


What do you particularly like about your apprenticeship at KPMG?

I particularly like the positive working environment and the culture of informality at KPMG, which is why I feel very at home here. Because you experience different departments and face exciting and diverse challenges, there’s never a dull moment. I am taken seriously, and my work is valued. Due to the internationality of the company, I am able to both use and improve my English skills. I also enjoy the good working relationship with the other apprentices.


What are your favorite tasks in your daily job?

The tasks I like best are those which allow me working independently and enable me to take responsibility for a project. Last year, for example, I was given the opportunity to organize the Nationaler Zukunftstag event together with a team colleague (“national day of the future”, formerly called “Tochtertag” or “daughters’ day”). I was responsible for the invitations and registration lists, correspondence with the Geneva office and, on the day itself, I had the pleasure of showing the children around the KPMG building.


What areas have you been able to develop during your apprenticeship so far?

Over time, I’ve learned to work very independently. I find it easier to work precisely and accurately and handle figures. I come across as more self-confident and more open towards my co-workers. I also find it easier to write texts and express myself well.


What are your professional goals after your apprenticeship?

After my business administration apprenticeship, I’d like to continue working in the commercial field, but I’m not quite sure yet what I want to specialize in. So far, I like the Human Resources and Marketing & Communications departments best. Later on, I’d like to attend a university of applied sciences, but I’m still undecided about my field of study. I might also consider a gap year of travel and language study.