You are looking to strengthen and expand your market position and move ahead of your competitors. On the face of it this is a simple matter, but under the surface there are many issues at stake.

We understand all aspects of growth and will be happy to help you with:


  • Joint ventures, strategic partnerships and cooperations
    Are you planning a strategic realignment?
    We will work with you to draw up a business plan.


  • Company purchases, mergers and integrations
    Are you planning to merge your company?
    We will ensure that the transition runs smoothly and prepare the relevant contracts.


  • Financing
    Do you need capital but don't know how best to obtain it?
    We will explain the options available to you.


  • Reporting and consolidated accounting
    Are you complying with the current legal and internal requirements?
    We will explain the points you need to consider and put these rules into practice.


  • Employee participation models
    Do your staff models meet your requirements?
    We will explain the various options available as well as their legal and tax implications.


  • Going public (IPO)
    Do you know what an initial public offering (IPO) involves?
    We have experience in this area and can assist you.


  • Expats
    Do have expatriates on your payroll and are unsure what issues you need to consider?
    We will answer your employment law questions and take on the task of tax administration.


  • Structural optimization
    Are your IT structures efficient?
    We will adapt structures and procedures to meet your needs.

Our staff is ready to offer you both advice and practical assistance.