Succession Planning 

Business succession planning is a challenging and complex process. It is not just a case of finding a sustainable solution for the company but also of providing the outgoing owner with a fresh start.
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In all honesty, do you think it is a bad idea to take out life insurance in order to provide for your family should the worst happen? Presumably not. It is all the more surprising, then, that many business owners find it so difficult to make the same kind of provision for their business. Here too, it is a case of being prepared for a situation which might arise sooner than expected. If a professional approach is taken to making the relevant provisions, not only will the business continue running smoothly, but family members will also find it easier to deal with a difficult situation.

What challenges are you facing?

  • What requirements will the business make of the new owner and how can a sustainable and successful succession be assured?
  • Who are the potential successors from within the family or the potential buyers from outside?
  • What is the business worth?
  • If the issue is to be resolved within the family, have the legal questions relating to gifts, inheritance and matrimonial property law been addressed, as well as the matter of financing the transition?
  • Has anything been arranged in terms of financial and retirement planning for the business owner and their spouse?

What help can KPMG give you?

  • General advice and coaching
  • Project support and project management
  • Negotiation/moderation services
  • Comprehensive business assessment
  • Valuation of the business and real estate.
  • Identification and analysis of potential external buyers.
  • Assistance with matters of matrimonial and inheritance law and taxation where the issue is to be resolved within the family; developing corporate governance within the family (collaborative, information-sharing processes).
  • Advice on business, tax and legal issues in the event of a sale, including to another company.


The advisor also provides support by adopting a prudent approach to communication and is available for the business owner, their family and the management team to speak to or confide in. Not only does successful succession planning require the highest degree of expertise and knowledge, it also calls for outstanding social skills and diplomacy as well as extensive experience in terms of moderation and mediation.

Patrik Kerler

Patrik Kerler

Partner, Head M&A, Head of National Markets Zurich region

+41 58 249 42 02

Stefan Zwicker

Stefan Zwicker

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

+41 58 249 54 37


Experts for succession planning are available in 11 offices in Switzerland. We look forward to hearing from you and being in personal contact. 

A sustainable masterpiece of entrepreneurship

A sustainable masterpiece of entrepreneurship
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