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Initial Public Offering (IPO) Services 

Taking your company public in Canada is an exciting and challenging process for leaders like yourselves - the entrepreneur, the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer - and for all the other stakeholders involved in the process.

 The Initial Public Offering Process and Beyond

Step 1 - Deciding Step 2 - Preparing Step 3 - Executing Step 4 - Continuing

IPO Insights

Mahesh Mani

Tips for Navigating Your Listing Options [109KB] - Selecting the Right Market and Exchange Involves Some Critical Decisions

By Mahesh Mani, Partner, Audit and IPO Champion in Ottawa, KPMG in Canada

Salma Salma

Avoiding Common Pitfalls [PDF 1.22MB] - How to Manage the Challenges of Preparing for an IPO 

By Salma Salma, Partner, National IPO Practice Leader, Audit

Voices of IPO Experience

Voices of IPO Experience

Hear from three different industry leaders in Voices of IPO Experience as they share their journey towards an initial public offering and their preparations for being a listed company.

IPO Readiness

What is IPO Readiness?

KPMG's IPO Readiness Services will assist you in assessing your readiness to go public and continue as a public company and address gaps identified during the assessment.

For more information or to conduct a complimentary IPO Readiness assessment, please contact me or a local IPO champion in Canada.

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Salma Salman

Salma Salman

Partner, National IPO Practice Leader, Audit


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