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With e-discovery on the rise and The Sedona Canada Principles finalized, organizations involved with litigation or internal investigations are finding it more important than ever to be able to efficiently preserve, collect, review and produce electronically stored information.

The relevant information may be stored in numerous technical formats and in various locations. It is often scattered amongst such non-traditional data sources as e-mails, backup tapes, instant-messages and a host of removable media anywhere in the world. Additionally, lawyers in Canada are now faced with unprecedented volumes of data and are under pressure to focus on high-value activities while still providing disclosure that is proportionate to the proceedings in question. Given these challenges, it is easy to see why law firms and General Counsel turn to the experienced eDiscovery professionals of KPMG to help manage their e-discovery workloads.


KPMG’s eDiscovery services are delivered by a diverse team of dedicated professionals from across Canada including information technology professionals, former law enforcement professionals as well as forensic accountants, amongst others. By leveraging their technical, industry, investigative and procedural experience they can help identify and preserve evidence and present it in a clear and concise manner. We employ strict adherence to chain of custody procedures to help ensure evidentiary integrity.


Because we don’t practice law, we often work in cooperation with internal and external legal counsel, who can provide guidance on the scope of the matter and help determine which records are pertinent and should be produced.

KPMG offers a broad range of eDiscovery services including:

KPMG’s eDiscovery Services can assist clients in reducing the time, expense and risks associated with the e-discovery process. We can help our clients leverage the appropriate people, processes and technology to defensibly and efficiently manage all phases of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM). We can provide these services entirely within Canada, helping to ensure that your data never leaves the country or on a multi-jurisdictional/international basis by calling upon KPMG’s global network of eDiscovery professionals.


Please contact Victor Duret, Bob Castonguay or Dominic Jaar for further information.


Dominic Jaar

Dominic Jaar

Partner and National Practice Leader, Information Management Services (Documents and Records Management, Business and Data Analytics, eDiscovery & Forensic Technology)


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