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Transfer Pricing 

Cross border transfer pricing for goods, services and technology is being increasingly scrutinized by tax authorities. In Canada, as in many other countries around the world, a lack of or incomplete transfer pricing documentation may result in significant penalties.
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KPMG can work with you to:

· Implement appropriate transfer pricing policies and make available all supporting

· Arrange for a review and analysis of your present transfer pricing policies.
· Prepare a complete transfer pricing study.
· Help defend transfer prices in the event of a challenge by the Canada Revenue Agency
  or another taxing authority.

· Assist with obtaining an Advance Pricing Arrangement

KPMG is here to help - please contact your local tax adviser on how we can help you understand how international tax compliance issues affect your specific situation and help you with proactive tax planning.

Michael Glaser

Michael Glaser

Partner, Transfer Pricing



KPMG is here to help - please contact us.

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