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Building Value in Your Business 

Growing your enterprise and building value in your business is unique to your personal goals and business objectives. As companies can be at different stages in their business life cycle and face different opportunities or challenges, it's important to address them early to ensure you understand all options. Planning well in advance can help monetize the greatest potential value of your business. From strategic planning to exit strategies, KPMG Enterprise can help.

Building Value in Your Business

Strategic Planning


KPMG Enterprise StrategicFocus™: Our Growth Map approach to Business Strategy 


Every journey starts with a map, including the journey to build value in a great business. Team up with our advisers to work through a methodology and process to ignite strategic thinking - resulting in an action plan to drive your private company's growth while building long term value in the business. Get working on your business with a complimentary consultation.


KPMG Enterprise Strategic Focus™: Growth Readiness Index


Gain immediate insight to your company's performance by completing this short complimentary survey. Publish a customized report covering eight critical business areas and benchmark your company's performance against similar enterprises. 

Exit Strategies

KPMG Enterprise provides a wide range of Canadian IPO services to address the issues that you could face on your journey towards an initial public offering and to prepare you for being a listed company, including your role and those of your executives and external advisers.


Share Sale Best Strategy for Owners [PDF 60Kb]

Looking at the tax implications entrepreneurs face when they make the decision to sell their business. Read more... 


Family Succession: Managing the All-Important Family Component

Focuses on the need to integrate the family into the succession process and more importantly, how to do it.



Brand building: More than meets the eye

A solid brand strategy can build shareholder value and attract good employees. As Dragon Arlene Dickinson observes, a strong brand also attracts loyal customers and contributes to the long-term value of a business.



Valuation: More than just numbers

Proper valuation is essential to sell a business or raise private or public capital. Dragon Kevin O’Leary discusses the variables involved in valuation and its impact on completing a deal.



Working Capital: Raising the right money at the right time


Entrepreneurs need capital not just to start their business but also to build their business into a successful enterprise.



Decisions determine the outcome of a deal


Before a deal closes entrepreneurs and investors face a number of critical decisions. The outcome of any deal depends on how such decisions are executed.



Mario Paron

Mario Paron

Canadian Managing Partner, KPMG Enterprise


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