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At KPMG Enterprise, the impact of the family component on a family business is at the forefront of our thinking and our advice. Today’s families driving business represent a culmination of sound business practices, great ideas and a lot of hard work while juggling many roles and responsibilities.

Have you heard

Tax planning as an exit strategy [PDF 177KB]

Learn tax tips to to keep your business among the 30% that do survive multiple generations and successfully plan for an exit.


The Competitive Advantage of a Family Business [PDF 279KB]

Family businesses have access to unique ingredients that can provide a lasting competitive advantage.


KPMG Enterprise Advisory Services 

KPMG Enterprise can help your company plan and move ahead, not merely react, in the face of change. We are able to provide you with guidance and insight on key issues related to your business.


Does your estate plan need a checkup [PDF 125KB]

Here is a questionnaire to help you assess the wellness of your estate plan.

On demand

Keeping it in the Family [MP3 11.59MB], Mix business with family and you get a vital segment of the Canadian economy. Listen to Paul Moyer from a 9th Generation family business that pitched to the Dragons discuss the nuances of keeping business in the family.

Celebrating 10 Years

Debbie Moore Caldwell [MP3 6.11MB], CAFE Ottawa Chapter President.  


Kevin Nicholds [MP3 1.62MB], President of Dollco Printing, one of the largest commercial printers in Eastern Ontario.


Kelly Youngdale [MP3 2.06MB], General Manager of Label Innovation Ltd. a label printing company specializing in the medical field.


Beverly J. Johnson

Beverly J. Johnson

Partner, KPMG Enterprise


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