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KPMG Enterprise Centre for Family Business 

At KPMG Enterprise, the impact of the family component on a family business is at the forefront of our thinking and our advice. Today’s families driving business represent a culmination of sound business practices, great ideas and a lot of hard work while juggling many roles and responsibilities.

KPMG Enterprise Family Office


Our KPMG Enterprise Family Office service provides everything you need to feel confident and comfortable that your affairs and assets are well looked after. Services include:


  • Governance - guidance on meeting educational and financial goals for your family
    - Family council planning
    - Family wealth transfer and planning
    - Family conflict mediation
    - Family business coaching
  • Tax planning by KPMG tax specialists to preserve wealth and safely plan your estate to reflect your long-term goals
    - Tax compliance
  • Integrated succession planning - wealth transfer planning
  • Asset protection, life insurance and other risk management services
  • Investment monitoring and performance measurement
  • Philanthropic and charitable giving and planning
    - We help families make informed investment, legal and tax planning decisions regarding their charitable planned giving requests and goals


Every family has their own unique situation which includes differing needs and long-term goals with varying degrees of complexity. In order to match our service to your needs, our relationship will begin with an in-depth discussion with you and your family. This is an integral building block for us to fully understand your family and their long-term goals. Whether your goals are financial, philanthropic, personal, health-related or a combination of all, we work together with you to identify the matters that are the most important.


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Please feel free to contact us for further information on how KPMG Enterprise can help you and your loved ones reach your long-term goals and safely plan for the future.


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KPMG Enterprise Advisory Services 

KPMG Enterprise can help your company plan and move ahead, not merely react, in the face of change. We are able to provide you with guidance and insight on key issues related to your business.


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Beverly J. Johnson

Beverly J. Johnson

Partner, KPMG Enterprise


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