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Internal Control 

CEOs and CFOs of Canadian public companies, excluding venture issuers, are required to certify on the design and the effectiveness of their company's disclosure controls and procedures (DC&P) and internal control over financial reporting (ICFR).

Internal Control

Do you have an effective certification process that meets the requirements of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)? Consider your current situation:


  • How could changing your company’s financial reporting framework to IFRS affect DC&P and ICFR processes and controls?
  • How will the changeover to IFRS impact your risk assessment and testing strategy?
  • How might these issues change through the various phases of your company’s changeover to IFRS?
  • What changes being made to ICFR for IFRS conversion require disclosure in MD&A?


Working together, we can help to address all of these issues so you can meet your ongoing internal control requirements and understand the implications for your management team, board, and audit committee.

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