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Great Basin Gold Ltd. 

Great Basin Gold Ltd. (the "Company" or "GBGL") filed an application before the Supreme Court of British Columbia (the "British Columbia Court") pursuant to the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act, R.S.C. 1985 c. C-36 as amended (the "CCAA").


The British Columbia Court made an order (the "Initial Order") on September 19, 2012, granting the Company the protections afforded by a stay of proceedings until October 19, 2012, while the Company pursues restructuring initiatives under the CCAA.


The Initial Order appointed KPMG Inc. as Monitor of the business and financial affairs of the Company in the CCAA proceedings.

  CCAA Proceedings

 Notice to Creditors

list-of-creditors.pdfList of Creditors9/18/2012138 KB
Notice-to-Creditors.pdfNotice to Creditors9/18/20121294 KB

 Court Orders

GBGL-Initial-Court-Order.pdfInitial Court Order9/18/20121386 KB
Oral-Reasons-for-Judgment.pdfOral Reasons for Judgment9/18/2012365 KB
Court-Order-Sept27.pdfAmendment to the Initial Order9/26/201289 KB
Court-Order-Sept-27-2012.pdfCourt Order9/26/2012593 KB
Reasons-for-Judgment-Oct-1-2012.pdfReasons for Judgment9/30/20121316 KB
Entered-Order.pdfEntered Order10/16/2012368 KB
Entered-Order-KERP.pdfEntered Order KERP10/16/2012873 KB
Order-re-Engagement-Letter-Oct-25-2012.pdfOrder re Engagement Letter10/24/2012297 KB
Order-re-Extension-of-Stay-Oct-25-2012.pdfOrder re Extension of Stay10/24/201264 KB
Court-Order-Entered-Order-Of-Madam-Justice-Fitzpatrick.pdfCourt Order - Entered Order of Madam Justice Fitzpatrick11/5/201271 KB
Gbg-Court-Order-Entered-Order-Of-Madam-Justice-Fitzpatrick.PdfEntered order (nov 16 2012)11/15/201278 KB
Order-Nov-20-2012.pdfSettlement Implementation Order – Nov 20 201211/19/20124059 KB
Court-Order-Entered-Order-Nov-28-2012.pdfCourt Order - Entered Order (Nov. 28, 2012)11/27/20121179 KB
court-order-order-of-madam-justice-fitzpatrick.pdfCourt Order - Order of Madam Justice Fitzpatrick12/10/201258 KB
Order-January142013Entered.pdfOrder - January 14, 2013 - Entered 1/13/2013172 KB
Order-April-24-2013-Entered.pdfOrder - April 24, 2013 - Entered4/24/2013100 KB
Order-Great-Basin-Entered.pdfOrder - Great Basin - Entered5/28/201388 KB
Order-Termination-Of-CCAA-Proceeding-Entered.pdfOrder - Termination of CCAA Proceeding - Entered6/28/2013314 KB
Receivership-Order-June-28-2013.pdfReceivership Order, June 28, 20136/28/20131628 KB

 Monitor's Reports

KPMG-Proposed-Monitors-Report-GBGL.pdfPre-Filing Report of the Proposed Monitor9/18/2012823 KB
GBGL-Monitors-First-Report-and-Appendices.pdfFirst Report of the Monitor9/25/20126141 KB
GBGL-Monitors-Second-Report.pdfSecond Report of the Monitor10/1/2012204 KB
gbgl-monitors-third-report.pdfThird Report of the Monitor10/15/2012798 KB
Fourth-Report-of-the-Monitor.pdfFourth Report of the Monitor11/4/2012562 KB
Fifth-Report-of-theMonitor.pdfFifth Report of the Monitor11/26/20121213 KB
Sixth Report of the Monitor.pdfSixth Report of the Monitor1/13/2013609 KB
Monitors-7thReport.pdfSeventh Report of the Monitor2/22/2013179 KB
GBGLMonitorsSupplementtotheSeventhReport.pdfGBGL - Monitors Supplement to the Seventh Report 2/24/201368 KB
monitors-8th-report.pdfEighth Report of the Monitor4/23/20132019 KB
Monitor-9th-Report.pdfNinth report of the Monitor5/28/2013220 KB
Tenth-Report-of-the-Monitor.pdfTenth Report of the Monitor6/25/2013822 KB
GBGLMonitorsSupplementtotheTenthReport.pdfGBGL - Monitors Supplement to the Tenth Report6/27/201389 KB

 Motion Materials (including filed Affidavits)

1st-Affidavit-of-Louren-Abraham-Van-Vuuren.pdfFirst Affidavit of Lourens Abraham Van Vuuren9/18/201214492 KB
Petition-to-the-Court.pdfPettion to the Court9/18/20122616 KB
1st-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdfFirst Affidavit of Susan Taylor9/20/2012742 KB
Second-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdfSecond Affidavit of Susan Taylor9/25/20125528 KB
Third-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdfThird Affidavit of Susan Taylor9/25/2012130 KB
First-Affidavit-of-Avic-Arenas.pdfFirst Affidavit of Avic Arenas9/26/201226 KB
First-Affidavit-of-Kelly-Tsang.pdfFirst Affidavit of Kelly Tsang9/26/2012139 KB
First-Affidavit-of-Steven-Duenkler.pdfFirst Affidavit of Steven Duenkler9/26/20122185 KB
Notice-of-Motion-For-Leave-to-Appeal-by-Ad-Hoc-Group-of-Debenture-Holders.pdfNotice of Application for Leave to Appeal by Ad Hoc Group of Debenture Holders9/26/2012119 KB
Notice-of-Application-of-Ad-Hoc-Group-of-Debenture-Holders.pdfNotice of Application of Ad Hoc Group of Debenture Holders9/26/20127213 KB
Notice-of-Motion-Court-of-Appeal-by-Ad-Hoc-Group-of-Debenture-Holders.pdfNotice of Motion - Court of Appeal by Ad Hoc Group of Debenture Holders9/26/201239 KB
Second-Affidavit-of-Avic-Arenas.pdfSecond Affidavit of Avic Arenas9/26/2012109 KB
Second-Affidavit-of-Lourens-Abraham-Van-Vuuren.pdfSecond Affidavit of Lourens Abraham Van Vuuren9/26/2012834 KB
Reply-Book-of-the-Respondent-Great-Basin-Gold-Ltd-.pdfReply Book of the Respondent Great Basin Gold Ltd10/1/2012547 KB
First-Affidavit-of-Patrick-Cooke.pdfFirst Affidavit of Patrick Cooke10/11/20121043 KB
Fourth-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdfFourth Affidavit of Susan Taylor10/16/2012459 KB
Application-Record-Index-pdf.pdfApplication Record Index10/22/201232 KB
Notice-of-Application-pdf.pdfNotice of Application10/22/2012222 KB
Fifth-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdfFifth Affidavit of Susan Taylor10/23/201248 KB
Notice-of-Application-Oct-25-2012.pdfNotice of Application 10/24/2012425 KB
Sixth-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdfSixth Affidavit of Susan Taylor10/24/201249 KB
Seventh-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdfSeventh Affidavit of Susan Taylor10/31/201258 KB
Notice-of-Application-Nov-2-2012.pdfNotice of Application - Nov 2 201211/1/2012263 KB
Notice-of-Application-.pdfNotice of Application11/8/2012267 KB
Affidavit-4-Of-A.Arenas-Part-1-Pg-1-84.PdfAffidavit 4 of A. Arenas (Part 1 Pg 1 - 84)11/15/20122597 KB
Affidavit-4-Of-A.Arenas-Part-2-Pg-82-178.PdfAffidavit 4 of A. Arenas (Part 2 Pg 82 - 178)11/15/20122223 KB
Affidavit-4-Of-A.Arenas-Part-3-Pg-179-265.PdfAffidavit 4 of A. Arenas (Part 3 Pg 179 - 265)11/15/20121307 KB
Affidavit-4-Of-A.Arenas-Part-4-Pg-266-336.PdfAffidavit 4 of A. Arenas (Part 4 Pg 266 - 336)11/15/20121119 KB
Notice-of-Application-Noteholders-Nov-16-2012.pdfNotice of Application (Noteholders) - Nov. 16, 201211/15/20122336 KB
Affidavit-5-Of-A-Arenas.pdfAffidavit 5 of A. Arenas11/19/2012257 KB
Application-Index-For-Nov-20-2012-Hearing.pdfApplication Index for Nov 20 2012 Hearing11/19/201262 KB
Index-Of-Authorities-For-Nov-20-2012-Hearing.pdfIndex of Authorities for Nov 20 2012 Hearing11/19/201225 KB
Outline-Of-Argument-For-Nov-20-2012-Hearing.pdfOutline of Argument for Nov 20 2012 Hearing11/19/20121579 KB
Application-Record-Index.pdfApplication Record Index12/9/201212 KB
Notice-of-Application.pdfNotice of Application12/9/2012264 KB
Notice-of-Application-Filed-1st-Page.pdfNotice of Application - Filed 1st Page12/9/201239 KB
GBG-Motion-Material-Notice-of-Application-Jan-10-2013.pdfGBG - Motion Material - Notice of Application (Jan. 10, 2013)1/9/2013372 KB
GBG-Motion-Material-First-Affidavit-of-Peter-Gibson.pdfGBG - Motion Material - First Affidavit of Peter Gibson1/13/20132380 KB
GBG-Motion-Material-Second-Affidavit-of-Peter-Gibson.pdfGBG - Motion Material - Second Affidavit of Peter Gibson1/13/2013721 KB
GBG-Motion-Material-Third-Affidavit-of-Peter-Gibson.pdfGBG - Motion Material - Third Affidavit of Peter Gibson1/13/20131317 KB
gbg-motion-material-notice-of-application-jan-18-2013-tor-law-8088242-v1.pdfGBG - Motion Material - Notice of Application (Jan. 18, 2013)1/17/2013204 KB
Affidavit-8-of-Susan-Taylor-Filed.pdfAffidavit 8 of Susan Taylor - Filed4/23/2013769 KB
9th-Affidavit-of-Susan-Taylor.pdf9th Affidavit of Susan Taylor5/27/2013677 KB
Affidavit-1-Of-M-Kane.pdfAffidavit 1 of M Kane6/24/20132185 KB
Kane-Affidavit-Exhibit-A.pdfKane Affidavit Exhibit A6/24/20133805 KB
Kane-Affidavit-Exhibit-B.pdfKane Affidavit Exhibit B6/24/2013240 KB
Kane-Affidavit-Exhibit-C.pdfKane Affidavit Exhibit C6/24/2013190 KB
Kane-Affidavit-Exhibit-D-1-Of-3.pdfKane Affidavit Exhibit D 1 Of 36/24/201311010 KB
Kane-Affidavit-Exhibit-D-2-Of-3.pdfKane Affidavit Exhibit D 2 Of 36/24/201310487 KB
Kane-Affidavit-Exhibit-E.pdfKane Affidavit Exhibit E6/24/20134410 KB
4thAffidavitofPeterGibsonFiled.pdf4th Affidavit of Peter Gibson - Filed6/25/20131666 KB
NoticeofApplicationFiled.pdfNotice of Application - Filed6/25/2013555 KB
NoticeofApplicationPurchaseAgreementFiled.pdfNotice of Application - Purchase Agreement - Filed6/25/2013245 KB

 Service List

Great-Basin-Gold-Service-List.pdfService List10/16/201213 KB

 Other Documents & Notices

Memorandum-of-Argument-by-Ad-Hoc-Group-of-Debenture-Holders.pdfMemorandum of Argument by Ad Hoc Group of Debenture Holders9/27/201282 KB
Motion-Book-Index.pdfMotion Book Index9/27/201215 KB

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