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KPMG Forensic draws upon a strong global network of over 2,100 experienced professionals who use accounting, investigation, intelligence, technology, economics, and deep industry skills, backed by consistent global methodologies, to help clients reduce reputational risk and commercial loss and improve the value obtained from existing contracts.

John Williams

John Williams

National Service Line Leader, KPMG Forensic Inc., Partner, Advisory Services, Forensic


Fraud Risk Management [PDF 1MB]


A proactive approach to counter the risk of fraud and misconduct


A reputation for integrity is critical to safeguarding market confidence and public trust in your business. To learn more please visit our Fraud Risk Management brochure.


Forensic Focus


KPMG's Forensic practice is pleased to introduce Forensic Focus, a new series focused on providing the latest insights and perspectives on fraud, litigation, and regulatory issues.


Cross-Border Investigation


Cross-Border Investigation


Conducting cross-border investigations is no simple endeavour. Add the complexities of legal and cultural differences, and you have one of the biggest challenges facing global corporations today.


At Risk Magazine – Volume 7, No. 1


In this edition of At Risk, we share findings from our general counsel survey, discuss conflict minerals, money laundering and risks related to electronic data.


Virtually Unregulated


Virtually Unregulated


In KPMG’s new white paper entitled, Virtually Unregulated, we analyze the recent changes to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) issues connected with virtual currencies. The virtual currency industry has been under increased scrutiny to implement robust AML controls by regulators, investors, and businesses alike.


Astrus Highlights- KPMG's analysis of third-party risks


Astrus Highlights- KPMG's analysis of third-party risks


In this first edition of Astrus Insights, KPMG has analyzed the findings of 8,000 integrity due diligence reports conducted on third-parties across the globe to understand what lessons can be learned about the nature of risks to which organizations are exposed through their third-party business associations.


Computer security professional explains why hackers target insurance companies
Computer security professional explains why hackers target insurance companies [PDF 415Kb]

The changing nature of business has created new opportunities, but also new risks and potential threats, including:


  • The increasing sophistication of fraud, organized crime, and terrorism; more complex legislation and regulations, some with increasing extra-territorial reach
  • Developing challenges around technology
  • Complex disputes, litigation, and class actions
  • Pitfalls from expanding into emerging markets
  • Dependencies on unfamiliar business partners
  • More complex supply and distribution channels
  • Theft and misuse of intellectual property.


Organizations that effectively monitor and swiftly respond to potentially damaging situations such as these are better placed to deal with them quickly and successfully, while reducing adverse financial, reputational, or operational impact.


How KPMG Forensic Professionals Can Help


We offer robust, practical advice, helping our clients deal with:


Global Presence


KPMG Forensic's network of over 2,100 professionals work in 33 accredited practices within member firms around the world. The network brings a consistent global approach, combined with a tailored local focus, to sensitive and complicated cross-border engagements.

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eDiscovery Services

The last decade has seen organizations invest significant resources in new technologies that have often led to massive information creation and storage. The growth of information received, created, and stored in organizations will continue to accelerate at rates not seen before. This, combined with the demands of electronic discovery, creates significant challenges, risks, and costs for organizations. To find out more on how we can help, click here.
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