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Canadian Personal Tax Tables  


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Federal and Provincial/Territorial Personal Tax Rates, Brackets and Surtaxes
federal-and-provincial-income-tax-rates-and-brackets-and-surtaxes-in-2014.pdf20143/31/20141151 KB
Federal-and-Provincial-Income-Tax-Rates-and-Brackets-and-Surtaxes-9-30.pdf20139/30/20131322 KB

Federal and Provincial (except Québec) Personal Non-refundable Tax Credit Rates and Amounts
federal-and-provincial-non-refundable-tax-credit-rates-and-amounts-2014-except-quebec-.pdf20143/31/20141825 KB
Federal-and-Provincial-Non-Refundable-Tax-Credit-Rates-and-Amounts-2013-9-30.pdf20139/30/20131930 KB


Québec Non-refundable Tax Credit Rate and Amounts
québec-non-refundable-tax-credit-rates-and-amounts-for-2014.pdf20143/31/2014713 KB
Quebec-Non-Refundable-Tax-Credit-Rates-and-Amounts-for-2013-9-30.pdf20139/30/2013554 KB


Québec Refundable Tax Credit Rate and Amounts
québec-refundable-tax-credit-rates-and-amounts-for-2014.pdf20143/31/2014912 KB
Quebec-Refundable-Tax-Credit-Rates-and-Amounts-for-2013-9-30.pdf20139/30/2013559 KB

Québec Personal Non-refundable and Refundable Tax Credits
Québec Personal Non-refundable and Refundable Tax Credits 2011.pdf201112/30/2011266 KB

Combined Top Marginal Rates - Interest and Regular Income, Capital Gains, Dividends
combined-top-marginal-tax-rates-for-individuals-2014-v3.pdf20143/31/2014514 KB
Combined-Top-Marginal-Tax-Rates-For-Individuals1-2013.pdf20139/30/2013712 KB

automobiles-deductions-and-benefits.pdfAutomobiles—Deductions and Benefits3/31/2014717 KB
prescribed-interest-rates-2013-and-2014.pdfFederal and Provincial Prescribed Interest Rates3/31/2014528 KB
old-age-security-benefits.pdfOld Age Security Benefits3/31/2014493 KB
retirement-and-savings-plans-contribution-limits-1.pdfRetirement and Savings Plans - Contribution Limits - 2013 to 20153/31/2014722 KB


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