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  • Service: Audit, Advisory
  • Industry: Mining
  • Date: 12/2/2012

Outlook: A new perspective in the global mining industry 

This publication provides a review of KPMG’s 8th Annual Mining Executive Forum plenary sessions and features keynote speakers, Paul Wright, Chief Executive Officer, Eldorado Gold Corporation, and Geoff Burns, President & CEO, Pan American Silver Corp.
The CEO keynote speakers gave us insight into why they hold the top job at their respective companies. Their comments were incisive and witty. Plenary presentations went deeper into issues than ever before, sometimes introducing the viewpoints of other professions and non-financial mining functions to look at matters from a fresh angle. The breakout sessions brought delegates up to date with the “nuts and bolts” of the accounting profession as it applies to mining.

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Lee A. Hodgkinson

Lee A. Hodgkinson

Partner, Audit & National Industry Leader, Mining


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