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  • Date: 2/14/2013

Cyber Vulnerability Index 2012 

Publish and be damned - what does your online corporate profile reveal? With so many cyber attacks in the news recently, executives are becoming increasingly concerned about their organization’s exposure to hackers. And so they should.

KPMG's Cyber Vulnerability Index 2012
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According to the KPMG's Cyber Vulnerability Index 2012, more than three quarters of the Forbes 2000 companies leak potentially dangerous data.


  • Financial Services account for 50 percent of the industry at risk with Banking the sector at highest risk
  • Technology, Media, and Telecommunications account for over 20 percent of the sectors at risk


KPMG performed research across the Forbes 2000 list of companies, with the aim of performing the same initial steps that cyber attackers and organized criminals would perform when profiling a target organization for attack, using techniques that are often referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats, or ‘APTs’.


This publication provides a view on the common basic tactics hackers employ, highlights the industries and regions most at risk, and provides advice and guidance on how to safeguard your organization.


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Kevvie M. Fowler

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