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  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 2/10/2013

KPMG's Data Loss Barometer 2012 

KPMG's Data Loss Barometer 2012 exposes some of the latest trends and statistics for globally lost and stolen information in 2012 as well as a view of trends over the last five years. Over 82 countries are represented in 2012, with over 96 countries represented over the last five years. The report reveals causes of data loss, types of incidents, as well as specific trends by sector.
KPMG Data Loss Barometer 2012
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  • Data loss incidents have increased by 40% since 2011
  • Hacking is the number one cause of data loss
  • Internal threats have reduced significantly, while external threats have doubled
  • Total incident numbers show Technology, Financial Services, Retail and Media as worst performing sectors over the last five years

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