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Greg Wiebe’s Phenomenal Career at KPMG 

Global Head of Tax, Greg Wiebe shares his experience at KPMG with you.

Greg Wiebe, Global Head of Tax, exemplifies what it means to grow within KPMG. He has been with the firm for 28 years, and during that time he has taken on a variety of roles and experienced so much of what the firm has to offer.

Greg Wiebe’s Phenomenal Career at KPMG

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"If I can offer any advice to someone starting out it would be to take chances when an opportunity presents itself. Opportunities are abundant within the firm - and you just need to be eager and try new challenges. You will be amazed at what can happen."

Greg started working with KPMG in Audit in the Winnipeg office, and grew his career in various functions and cities, leading him to his current position as KPMG's Global Head of Tax. In this role, he oversees tax operations across KPMG's global network of member firms, specifically supporting member firms in meeting the needs of clients who are navigating complex tax regulations.


With a proven track record for strong execution and skill, Greg has consistently earned the support of the firm to develop his career. His potential has been recognized by leadership in the Canadian firm, and encouraged him to try new challenges while providing him with mentorship at every step of the way.


"Throughout my career with KPMG I have worked with teams in Audit, Tax and Advisory, and have had the opportunity to work for KPMG in four cities: Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. I have had a varied career gaining new insight and skills in each role," says Greg. "My time with the firm has given me the opportunity to lead some amazing teams and learn more than I ever thought possible."


Greg's career path is impressive, and has provided him with many chances to conquer challenges. The continual growth opportunities and varied roles meant he had some steep learning curves to overcome.


Persistence, a positive attitude, and mentorship allowed Greg to be successful. Throughout his career he has also experienced many highs, including during his tenure as Canadian Managing Partner, Tax, when he had the opportunity to work alongside KPMG in Canada's CEO in the development of the firm's five-year strategy. Attaining his current role as KPMG's Global Head of Tax is a result of many years of effort, a passion for the work and unwavering support from the firm.


"The roles I have had, and the development and support I have received from the firm, have helped make my career truly become a dream come true," says Greg.

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