Leisure and Tourism 

The leisure and tourism sector has been experiencing challenging issues lately. Vulnerable to the economic cycle, many companies are finding themselves looking for innovative ways of attracting new customers and increasing profit. How do they retain and increase their profit margins, manage cash, and meet shareholder demands, without compromising on the customer experience?
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Business trends come and go, but the goal of the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industry remains the same: to deliver extraordinary experiences that delight guests, motivate return visitors, and all the while maximize return on investment. 


Hospitality, leisure and tourism ventures can be both aesthetically and financially rewarding - and yet they are also some of the most difficult businesses to operate and manage successfully.  At a minimum, you need a combination of market knowledge, solid understanding of operations, intelligent grasp of development trends, insight into product positioning, and strong financial skills.


KPMG in The Bahamas' Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism practice can bring you the real world advice you need to succeed in this challenging market.