Palmdale Primary Reading 

Palmdale Primary School has organized a reading program that allows the working professional to come come into the classroom of students from grades 3 -6. The volunteers are required to read with the children for a minimum of 30 minutes each session.

The Palmdale Primary Reading Program began as an idea of the office's social committee who in search of service projects thought it would be best to adopt a school within the community and create projects that assist with building that school. Palmdale Primary School was chosen due to their proximity to our Nassau Office and their current use of a pre-existing program. With books authorized by The Ministry of Education, their reading program allowed working professionals to join students in reading to make it more exciting, and also to provide them with exposure to the working world. However, at the time there were very few volunteers. 


KPMG in the Bahamas agreed to provide volunteers on a weekly basis to assist with the program. Since our start on February 10th 2010, we have read in more than 70 classrooms over the past year. Additionally, we have begun collecting and purchasing books that will be donated to the school's library. We plan to continue on with this project and maintain our commitment to this community.