KPMG in Brazil is committed to investing in social justice and building sustainable projects to tackle poverty in line with the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. Our projects in the areas of Education and Environment are also aligned to the eight millennium goals. We want to put our skills into practice and make a difference in the communities where we operate.

Corporate Citizenship - Development

Providing pro-bono Audit and Advisory Services


KPMG promotes the provision of audit and advisory services in the non-profit sector through non-monetary consideration. Such support allows KPMG to put into practice the mission of turning its knowledge into value in the communities. 


These services provide the necessary credibility and transparency to the financial statements of these organizations in order to be in a better situation in the market to raise funds and provide the sustainability of their work in different sectors of the community they serve.  


Between 2007 and 2010, 6,593 work hours were used. Among the recipient organizations are:


  • Reciclar
  • Gol de Letra
  • Brava
  • Endeavor
  • Portal da Ajuda
  • MAM
  • Fundação Barão de Queiroz
  • Rio Como Vamos?
  • Ethos
  • Instituto Ling
  • Junior Achievement Pernambuco


Another example of support is the involvement of KPMG in Brazil in the annual soccer tournament sponsored by Fundação Gol de Letra. The amount collected for registration of the different participating companies is reverted to the Foundation and used to develop support projects for the children in that community.


Social investment through Tax Incentive Laws (Corporate income tax -IRPJ)


Every year we evaluate social and cultural projects in order to identify social investment opportunities - through the Tax Incentive Laws (IRPJ) - with initiatives aligned to our strategy of corporate citizenship. In calendar years 2009 and

2010, R$ 458,455.00 and R$ 214,800.00, respectively, were invested in the following projects:


  • Struggle for Peace Association / Sports Incentive Law
  • Project Quero-Quero/ Fund for Child and Adolescent Rights.
  • Reciclar - Adolescent Recycling Institute/ Fund for Child and Adolescent Rights.
  • Publication of the book Oscar Niemeyer / Rouanet Law.
  • Written by Ricardo Ohtake, it presents a report on the one hundred years of life of the Brazilian architect.
  • Fundação Bienal de São Paulo-29th Biennial of São Paulo / Rouanet.


Throughout the years, KPMG undertook various activities with its professionals to encourage volunteerism, such as internal campaigns for donations and engagement.  


For internal dissemination of socially responsible practices and to foster new campaigns, in March 2007, the "KPMG in the Community, on the Agenda" informational bulletin was launched, also used to provide an accounting of the actions taken by both KPMG and its professionals, on a voluntary basis.  


Through these actions, it continually provides assistance to Brazilian institutions, such as associations, hospices, orphanages, day-cares, cultural and educational institutes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  


In 2008, we developed the pilot project called 2008 Trainees- KPMG Challenge in the Community: You can make a difference. The project was a success and will be held annually.  

The project aims to promote corporate citizenship in these young people, awakening in each one the feeling of responsibility to the communities, thus living one of the values of KPMG.  


After six weeks of intensive training applied before the beginning of their field work, they finish the event with the task” launched by the Challenge: to transform their knowledge into value through some action that benefits the community.


The participation of these young people, who are our future leaders, was met with sufficient enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication for the actions to produce excellent results.


The actions involved different audiences and purposes, such as: blood donation, care of the elderly, adolescents, and children, environmental awareness, revitalization of areas in schools, among others.  


Desafio Trainees 2008 2009 2010
Trainees participating
247 464
Hours donated
2,438 3,918
Public impacted
1,605 1,623



Ad-hoc programs that care for basic needs and disasters


The member firms of KPMG continue responding to natural disasters and the emergency needs of communities around the world, providing volunteers and resources.  


One of our core values is: "We are committed to our communities." After all, KPMG is committed to "working together" and "leading by example."  


The way we have responded to natural disasters in recent years is a powerful demonstration of these values. In each case, KPMG professionals have responded in different ways: by donating funds, volunteering, or offering their skills to countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indonesia, Mozambique, or Brazil. 

In some cases, the member firms have taken isolated initiatives. In others, we use our combined resources and our skills to relieve short-term suffering of the communities involved and work on long-term solutions. 


During 2008, KPMG in Brazil had the commitment of its professionals in more than 30 campaigns to aid communities.  


In all cases, what we perceive is the solidarity of the "KPMG family" not only putting into practice the values that unite us as well as our skills. Visit our book "Values in action - thinking beyond" and discover other amazing examples of commitment, determination, and passion of these KPMG professionals on projects that serve the needs of our communities in the three pillars of our strategy: education, environment, and development. 



We offer various career opportunities for people who intend to grow, develop and entrepreneur.

Sustainability Report 2013

Sustainability Report 2013

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