Tax Financial Services 

The Tax Financial Services area provides services to financial institutions, investment funds, insurance companies, reinsurers, and real estate companies aimed at developing and implementing tax practices applicable to these market, seeking to attain the necessary balance between risk and opportunity for our customers. 

Our contact

Our contact

Edilberto Salge


Partner, Tax Financial Services


 +55 11 3138-5000

The assistance of an experienced team in the financial and insurance market can be crucial, given the peculiarities and complexities of transactions that are conducted at the national and international level by these markets. In this environment, our professionals are constantly updated on the issues in these markets, helping our customers in the interpretation and correct application of tax rules, always looking for ways to mitigate tax risks, thus contributing to the management of controversial tax issues.


Through discussions with our customers and the experience accumulated by us in these markets, we believe that the tax needs of highest demand are linked to the following services: 


  • Tax Advice for analysis of specific financial transactions or financial products and insurance, especially with regard to accounting, tax and regulatory (Securities Commission, Central Bank, and Superintendency of Private Insurance) issues involved, in order to identify and validate tax savings opportunities through viable strategic planning
  • Tax planning related to general issues
  • Tax advice in the process of "Due Diligence", including: (i) identification of potential tax contingencies and (ii) review of the processes of corporate restructuring to be implemented after making the deal
  • Periodic review of the basis for calculating direct and indirect taxes including, if necessary, the calculation of taxes to be collected monthly
  • Preparation or review of incidental tax liabilities
  • Assistance in the revision of tax rules relating to Transfer Pricing
  • International taxation of financial transactions or financial products and insurance and reinsurance
  • Review of projects, implementation, and use of tax exemptions provided by the Brazilian tax authorities, such as the tax benefit for technological innovation created by Law No. 11196/05
  • Review of internal control processes of a tax nature, whether from the perspective of international law (FIN 48 or IFRS), or from the perspective of Brazilian law (the concept of legal obligation established by Accounting Procedure Rule (NPC) 22 and Securities Commission (CVM) Resolution 489); Revisão das obrigações fiscais vinculadas à contabilidade escriturada em IFRS ou USGAAP
  • Review of tax obligations related to book-entry accounting under IFRS or USGAAP
  • Advice and review of the implementation process of the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (Sped). 


We also rely on all of KPMG's global network in various countries, and this allows the projects and transactions involving other member firms to be conducted with great support from KPMG, with the same quality and experience we have in respect to Brazilian laws.