International Tax 

The KPMG's International Tax department advises on international tax matters.



Marienne M. S. Coutinho


Lead Partner, International Tax


 + 55 11 3940-1500

How can we help your business?

Our professionals possess technical and practical knowledge to help organizations harness the best opportunities and avoid tax losses.

Our services include:


  • Direct investments made in Brazil by non-residents.
  • Direct investments made abroad by Brazilian residents.
  • Local and international acquisitions and/or divestitures, investments or transactions.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Transactions between residents and non-residents (service, technology transfer, license to use software, royalties, lease, import/export, etc.).
  • Financing to local company (injection of capital, local and international loans, conversion of debt into capital, etc.).
  • Rules contained in international treaties.
  •  Registration of foreign capital with the Central Bank of Brazil
  • Remittances and foreign exchange inflows from abroad (dividends, capital gains, capital reductions, etc.).

Why choose KPMG?


Making decisions based on this information requires knowledge, correct interpretation and analysis of local and international standards, as well as understanding of how they interact.


KPMG helps foreign and national organizations within the country and in other jurisdictions, to identify the tax impact on their business and also in the structuring of investments and businesses, targeting possible tax savings. 


Our professionals work in teams formed specifically to meet the needs of clients. They have both a deep understanding of tax laws and business conditions in many jurisdictions.

Through centers of excellence in international tax and national bulletins, we keep our clients informed about current thinking on tax and technical developments.

What is the importance of tax issues?


Global companies require tax planning. It is not enough that a multinational company adapts separately to each of its local operating environments.


For a multinational company to be successful it is necessary to take into account national and regional factors and adapt to all economic and social aspects. 


And tax is one of the most important variables, because it helps determine:


  • What type of corporate structure is more appropriate.
  • Where intellectual property should be allocated.
  • How global supply chains must be configured to help alleviate the tax rates in force.

Investment in Brazil

Investment in Brazil is a publication of a worldwide series of booklets prepared by KPMG, which aims to provide information on several important issues for those planning investments or conducting business in Brazil.
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