Major Sporting Events 

The World Cup is an event that mobilizes the entire market, because it is a major event that generates many opportunities and demands for investment, whether in the public or private sector.

Major Sporting Events

Projections on the impact of the event on the economy constantly increase. It is important to note that for all of them, the impact on the volume of investments in the economy and job creation is significant. And it may be even more significant for your business with proper preparation.


The challenges are enormous, since FIFA requires compliance with various standards in respect to stadiums, as well as the entire infrastructure around the stadiums and the host cities, which must be built or at least refurbished over an inelastic time period. The general infrastructure also needs to work, under penalty of a high political cost to the host cities and countries, because the greatest asset of an event of this nature is the image in the local and international markets within the concept of a sustainable legacy. Companies in different sectors will find an exceptional channel for their products. This shows that a good interplay between the public and private sectors is needed now. 


The concept that we have full knowledge of what can be done to exploit the opportunities created by this major event is common. We understand that your company should stop and think for a moment if you are prepared to capture the opportunities of this event in order not to lose revenue and/or potential clients.


How can KPMG in Brazil help?


Our team dedicated to World Cup 2014 and professionals in various technical areas are together prepared to assist you in an objective way to gain this understanding and outline the necessary actions and investments.


KPMG in Brazil has a multidisciplinary team specialized by business segment, which can help your enterprise from strategic direction through the assessment, formulation and implementation of a strategy, to the monitoring and control stage, bringing valuable insights for each of the significant activities surrounding the World Cup Brazil 2014.

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