IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards  

The countries of the European Union and several others acceded to international accounting standards in 2005, the date of its implementation. In Brazil, the process of converting financial statements to IFRS standards started in 2010, with the possibility of early adoption, and must be presented in a comparative way with the previous year.

Our contact

Our contact

Ramon Jubels


Lead Partner of IFRS Conversion

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Thus, IFRS now represent the very latest in terms of modern accounting standards and has broad disclosure in the major markets worldwide.


Because of recent changes and in order to help you identify the IFRS related to your activity, KPMG in Brazil can assist you in the conversion project.


IFRS in Brief/Briefing Sheets 

The growing demand for specialized and reliable information on international accounting standards caused KPMG International to inaugurate a service so that clients of its members firms are always well informed about what is most current in IFRS.


The service is offered in electronic format (KPMG's Global IFRS Institute), whose main purpose is to help businesses and clients face challenges in the adoption of IFRS.


The available publications are produced by KPMG professionals with expertise in different countries with extensive experience in the implementation of new accounting practices in companies from various sectors of the economy. On this website, technical knowledge is transformed into didactic information, without losing the depth and focus on the subject.


IFRS in Brief is a newsletter containing summaries of new standards and interpretations, comments on IASB and IFRIC meetings and KPMG's views on specific issues. In addition, the publication is complemented by IFRS Briefing Sheets, and considers specific requirements and issues in more depth.


To learn about the publications, sign up on KPMG's Global IFRS Institute website and get totally free access for 15 days. After this period, there will be an option to access only the free services or contract the other services available.