Innovation, productivity, transparency, financial management and risk management will increasingly be required.




Paulo Ferezin


Business Develompent Manager for Retail


 +55 11 2183-3139

Driven by economic growth in the country, by increased income and by expanding the availability of credit, the Brazilian retail sector is going through a time of great change.  


This moment provides new opportunities such as network consolidation transactions, expanding into unexplored areas, development of electronic retail and development of complementary services, transforming the reality of retailing. 


In addition to the growth and consolidation, the sector is becoming more professional, and the trend is that this momentum will continue for years to come.


Consumers, on the other hand, are increasingly demanding and connected to advantages offered, causing a fundamental impact on retail development. 


These facts raise important challenges for retailers, as sustainability and growth are vital. To this end, innovation, productivity, transparency, financial management and risk management will be in increasing demand.

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