In an industry driven by rapid growth, the constant emergence of new competitors and challenges from non-traditional markets established unique business models for the technology sector.

Our contact

Our contact

Marcelo Gavioli


Lead Partner, Technology & Software Sector  


 +55 11 2183-3000


Electronics industry executives face the daily challenge of making critical strategic decisions, such as: 


  • Buy a competitor?
  • Unwind an operating division?
  • Focus on core competencies?
  • Sell directly?


These and other challenges are growing at an accelerated rate from several non-traditional angles. 


To succeed, companies must keep one step ahead of competitors at all times, and continue creating value for their shareholders.


For companies to succeed, it is important to obtain guidance of experienced and trained professionals, who know this market segment and understand the specific challenges of the industry and its regulatory environment.


The existing practice in the Electronics, Software and Services industry at KPMG in Brazil offers a range of products that help companies like yours to increase opportunities and mitigate market risks.  


Our services focus on helping our customers in key issues facing the Electronics, Software and Services industry, including but not limited to: 


Assistance in establishing benchmarks of excellence in the control and risk environment;


  • Controls on Information Technology;
  • Audit and advisory in the Information Technology environment;
  • Implementation and evaluation of network security;
  • Tax compliance (Recof - Bonded Warehouse Computerized Customs Regime - and Blue Line, for example). 


Experience in the Electronics, Software and Services industry of KPMG in Brazil is focused on anticipating market demands and risks to help shape and expand the success of our member firms' clients. 


We at KPMG in Brazil have technically trained professionals, who satisfy our clients' interests and contribute significantly to industry. Acting through business lines enables us to stay ahead of emerging accounting issues, changing regulations and trends in the electronics segment. By sharing this knowledge, we can help our customers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.