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Sector companies are constantly seeking the best balance between meeting the demands of its customers innovative, convergent and high quality operational efficiency. The success of this challenge is a precondition for reaching a different perception of value in an increasingly competitive market. 

KPMG in Brazil is prepared to help clients achieve these goals.

We offer a diverse line of services and experienced professionals to support its strategic goals and turn their opportunities into effective and powerful results.



Manuel Fernandes


Leader Partner, Communication and Media


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Eduardo Paulino


Leader Sector, Media


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Industry Leadership & Messages


Often new customers costs much more expensive than retaining those already in the database. However, it would be a mistake to treat them equally. Some need more attention, some need guidance from time to time, and some do not even want to be bothered. This is definitely a strategy that deserves special treatment. 

To provide a basis for more effective understanding of the needs, preferences and behaviors of their customers, is required skilled management of this relationship with a focus on critical points, thus providing an adequate supply of services capable of generating a positive perception of the experience of users.


The CEM (Customer Experience Management) aims to create a differential value in the management of your business relationship with your customers. KPMG can help improve your current model for managing relationships with customers and make it an even more effective for your business.


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