Insurance Linked Securities 

Are you prepared to respond to a rapidly evolving market? Increasing regulation, legislative change and challenging economic conditions create complexity and pressure.  KPMG in Bermuda simplify the issues and focus our efforts on the fundamental drivers and objectives of your business needs.

Insurance Linked Securities Team Podcast

Watch Jason Carne provide insight into the Bermuda ILS market  and the impact on traditional markets by watching KPMG's Insurance Linked Securities podcast.  


ILS Podcast                                                                                                           


In this Podcast, we sit with Jason Carne, Head of ILS, to discuss Insurance Linked Securities and its impact on the traditional market. 


Questions include:

  • What are Insurance Linked Securities (ILS)?
  • What is the traditional market?
  • What are the benefits for the buyer and seller?
  • Why has ILS grown so significantly?
  • What impact does ILS have on the traditional markets?
  • What services do KPMG provide?
  • Why KPMG in Bermuda? 


In response to a rapidly evolving market, KPMG in Bermuda has brought together an experienced team of structured finance and insurance professionals across our services lines to form the Insurance Linked Securities ("ILS") Group.  Our multidisciplinary approach, methodology and ILS team have a repeatedly proven track record of successfully working alongside clients on critical projects.


Our Services 

    • Audit
    • Claims Reviewer Services
    • Agreed upon procedures
    • Accounts preparation
    • Business Advisory
    • Restructuring
    • Liquidations
    • Internal Audit
    • Loss reserve specialist opinions


What you can expect from the ILS Group

  • Independence and transparency
  • Leading-edge industry knowledge and experience
  • Pro-active and relevant insight
  • Timely and practical resolution of issues
  • In-depth partner and management involvement
  • Competitive pricing on services provided


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how KPMG in Bermuda can help you achieve your business objectives. To find out how we can work together, please contact us.

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